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About Darah

Darah A. Williams - Certified professional dog trainer. Graduate of National K-9 School for Dog Trainers (located in Columbus Ohio). Member of IACP and NK9 Association. Underdog K-9 Academy is a fully licensed and insured company. Darah A. Williams (business owner) is originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2007. Having a Psychology background, Darah has utilized her degree in the field of social services. The love and joy she has for animals has allowed her the honor of turning a passion into a career. Having a strong connection with humans and animals makes it very rewarding to work with both in the field of professional dog training.

She specializes in basic and advanced obedience and behavior modification. Her qualifications include Basic and Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification, Breed Identification, Tracking, Personal Protection, Police K-9, Scent Detection, Utility, Puppy Development, Assistance Dog, and Retrieval. She is fully invested in each dog she works with, only providing the best training and treating them as if they were her own. She takes pride in each dog's progress and works with them on their own level. Her style of training does not include treat or trick training (though she is qualified). Her style of training solidifies obedience, which is realistic and gives you full control of your dog. In the real world, obedience training can mean the difference between life and death for your beloved pet. When your dog sees a ball or a squirrel running across the street or another dog off leash, you would want to be reassured that in all situations and circumstances your dog pays attention to you. Darah understands and works with dogs of all personality types (Hyperactive, Happy-go-lucky, Shy, Fear Biter, Basket Case, and Aggressive).

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