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โ€œPrior to 1:1 training and group class, Goose knew his basic commands. I could easily tell new situations and people overwhelmed him, and I didnโ€™t know or have the proper knowledge to help him. Over the last several months, his confidence has immensely increased and overall demeanor has changed. Training has given him a greater sense of independence, calmness, and comfort in knowing we both have tools to help him overcome uncertainty.โ€

Hannah Wissel



โ€œI would like to thank Darah for giving my wife and I the knowledge to help our JoJo become a well rounded family pet. Not only did Darah teach us training commands but she gave us the knowledge to understand JoJo's behavior. Darah is fully dedicated to help her students succeed, I have never meet someone that really understand dogs like she does. Thanks Again Darah!โ€

Andy and Christy



โ€œRockne received โ€˜Most Improved Camper of the Monthโ€™ at doggie day care last month thanks to Darrah & Underdog K-9 Academy! This is a huge achievement as my 100lb Rottweiler needed a little bit of obedience and guidance. As a two-year old, he has a lot of energy and spunk. His "cuteness" was wearing thin because anything on floors or countertops was fair game for him. After Darrah's training, we still have our sweet baby Rockne, but now he plays only with his toys. Walks and runs are much more enjoyable now that he does not pull on the leash and heels on command. He sits on command, which is very nice when guests come over. We thank Darah for getting our house back and still keeping our baby as sweet as ever!โ€

Cameron & John



โ€œUnderdog K9 Academy's, Darah, is an outstanding dog training organization. My German Shepard/Lab Mix is a wild and crazy puppy. After participating in Basic 1 and Advanced Training, there is a remarkable difference in her daily demeanor. She walks without pulling, sits when company comes in the house, is gentle with kids. I have recently taken our dog to a local pet friendly store and she walked in a heel without bothering anyone else around her the entire time. The techniques Darah uses in training dogs works! I always thought the only way to train a dog is by using treats, well that statement is wrong. The method of training your dog without treats is a far more rewarding way. I can't say enough for what Darah has done for our family and our puppy Bella. If you have a troubled dog, or just a puppy look no further than Underdog K9 and Darah! We can not thank her enough!โ€

The Smith Family



โ€œAfter a few years without a dog, we decided it was time for a new member of our family and chose a female yellow lab puppy. It turned out that Chloe had been taken away from the litter and her mother early and we had a real issue with her biting. Nothing we tried was working and the other dog training services we looked into wanted us to wait until she was six months old. We knew we couldn't wait that long and asked our vet if she had any suggestions and she recommended Underdog K9 Academy.

We contacted Darah the next day and started with the Puppy Development program in our home. Darah's knowledge and understanding of dogs was evident from the very beginning. She tests every dog and owner and adjusts the training to their needs. The biting problem was a real challenge, but with Darah's help we were able to correct that behavior.

From the Puppy Development program we continued with the Basic Obedience classes. The class size is small enough to allow for plenty of individual attention. Besides learning basic obedience, the classes also helped Chloe become used to being around other people and dogs.

โ€˜Miss Chloeโ€™ as Darah affectionately refers to her has become a well behaved six month old puppy that we can travel with to visit friends and family. We highly recommend Underdog K9 Academy to anyone considering training for their dog.โ€

Mike, Nancy, and Chloe Lane

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